Unable to find precisely what you need? We can design a transformer entirely according to your needs and specifications. 

Thanks to our having design and manufacturing in-house, we are able to keep lead times at a minimum. We also frequently gain time from being able to modify one of our many existing products.

Feel free to contact us for prices and delivery times. Specify how the transformers is to be installed, its IP rating, output, primary & secondary voltage and frequency.

For rectifiers, specify whether they should unfiltered, filtered or stabilised.


Listing of housings

zoom Type IP rating Rated power Assembly Produktblad
Plast PSS låg IP40 20-32 VA DIN-skena/väggmonterad
Plast PSS hög IP40 38-60 VA DIN-skena/väggmonterad
Plast 66 IP54 25-60 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Plast 78 IP54 75-140 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Plast 84 IP44 75-150 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Plast 96 kort IP54 150-300 VA Väggmonterad
Plast 96 lång IP54 150-300 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Plast 120 IP54 300-480 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Plast 135 IP54 480-840 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Aluminium kort IP44 840-1200 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Aluminium lång IP44 1300-1500 VA Väggmonterad/flyttbar
Plåt liten IP44 1500-3000 VA Väggmonterad
Plåt stor IP44 3000-4000 VA Väggmonterad