Reliable equipment from a reliable supplier

We value quality and reliability. That goes for all products shipped by Tufvassons and it also applies to our service. By providing reliable products and excellent
support, we aim to become your go-to electrical engineering partner.

Currently, we supply companies in the manufacturing industry, power industry and healthcare with transformers, connectors, cabling and energy analysers. What the products have in common is their ability to tolerate extreme stress and that they have a maximum life.

We want our customers to feel that we are a committed and flexible partner. An essential aspect of the partnership is fast delivery at the right quality. Your new products are cost-effective and contribute to improving your profitability.

Another important aspect is the guidance and support that our specialist provide. We guide you through our standard range, containing over 5,000 products, and develop customised solutions when the situation demands it. Tufvassons designers have extensive experience of developing customised transformers and connectors that comply with the strictest quality requirements.

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