Major product innovations

Here are three of Tufvassons' latest product innovations. Contact us for more information and guidance to the right product.

PVLR 8April 2017


Professional power supply for electronics powered with 5V via Micro-USB. E.g. sensors for temperature, moisture, motion and smoke.

Output voltage: 5V dc

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PSS 80NFebruari 2017


Perfect for power supply in SELV and PELV installations such as monitoring systems, temperature control, lighting and alarms.

Output voltage: 24V

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PSS 20December 2016

PSS 20

Perfekt för spänningsmatning i SELV- och PELV-anläggningar såsom övervakningssystem,
temperaturreglering, belysning och larm.

Utspänning: 12V

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