We provide you with reliable electrical products

Tufvassons is your one-stop electrical engineering supplier. We develop and sell innovative and reliable products in three business areas: power supply, connection technology and power quality.

With us, you have access to all products and services from one single source. Our product range includes over 5,000 standard products, in addition to innumerable customised solutions. Select products yourself or have our staff assist you in finding the right equipment.

Customers in all industries

Tufvassons has a broad customer base. Our transformers are used in everything from the power industry to personal patient care. Our connectors, cables and cable assemblies have also spread far and wide. They have a prominent place in the manufacturing industry, but are also common within connection technology in extreme environments. Tufvassons third cornerstone, power quality, is a way for industry, banks and other segments to reduce power consumption and achieve maximum power quality.

Quality pays

One factor is more important than anything else at Tufvassons: Quality. Everything we do is driven by the quality awareness that we have carried with us ever since the company was founded in Sigtuna in 1938. Our employees view manufacturing as a craft, and want you, the customer, to be satisfied in the long term. Reliability and dependability are words that are associated with Tufvassons and it is no coincidence that we have loyal customers within the armed forces and healthcare services. We have noticed that high quality leads to increased sales.

Stable base in Sweden

Tufvassons is still based in Sigtuna and since 2001, we are part of the Addtech group. In addition to Sweden, we have operations in Germany, the Netherlands , Belgium, Norway and Finland. We also have production and sales located in Poland through our subsidiary, Breve-Tufvassons.